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The Greek City Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Greek City

            A               T      
            G     S         H      
            O     O         E      
            R     L         N      
            A C R O P O L I S      
              L   N                
              E           D        
          A R I S T O T L E        
  P           S           M        
  O           T     H E L O T S    
O L I G A R C H Y         C        
  I           E           R        
  S   B Y Z A N T I U M   A        
              E           C        
H O P L I T E S         T Y R A N T
Across Down
4 At top of the hill was a fortified area taht served as refuge and religious center on which temples and public buildings were built
7 Greek philosopher that argued that a citizen did not belong to him or herself
9 captured people
10 rule by the few
11 city founded by Greeks, later called Constatinople
12 heavily armed infantry soldiers
14 ruler who seized power by force from the aristocrats
1 city-state of more that three hundred thousand by the fifth century
2 open area were people could assemble and market
3 reform minded aristocrat
5 his reforms created the foundations for Athenian democracy
6 goverment by the people or rule by the many
8 the city-state became the central focus of Greek Life
13 hoplites went into battle as unit,marching shoulder to shoulder in a rectagular formation
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