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The Heart And Blood Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Heart and Blood

Know your key words

              P       S Y S T O L E            
              A                 E              
              C               P U L M O N A R Y
          S H E L B Y           K              
              M       D         O           H  
              A   L   O     B I C O N C A V E  
              K   E   N         Y       O   A  
              E   F   O         T       R   R  
            E R Y T H R O C Y T E S     T   T  
            L                   S       A      
          P E R I C A R D I U M                
        A N T I B O D I E S     L              
            R                   U              
            O X Y H E M O G L O B I N          
  A O R T I C                                  
            A G R A N U L O C Y T E            
            R                   O              
M Y O C A R D I U M     Q       W              
            I           R       A              
      H E M O S T A S I S       R              
            G             B     D              
            R   M         A     S       L      
        P H A G O C Y T O S I S         O      
        A   M   N     R   O             V      
        P       O     I   P U R K I N J E      
      F I V E   C     C   H                    
        L       Y     U   I                    
        L       T     S   L                    
        A       E     P   S E P T U M          
        R             I                        
    J O Y C E         D                        
Across Down
3 Means to contract (heart)
5 ______ circulation that gives off carbon dioxide and oxygenates blood
6 A certain dog's name
10 Red blood cell shape
12 Red Blood Cells AKA
13 Double layer sac that covers heart
14 Body's response to foreign substances; Y shaped (plural)
16 Hemoglobin saturated in blood
17 Valve that allows oxygenated blood to leave left ventricle
18 Has no granules
20 Muscle heart layer
22 Process of stopping bleeding
26 Means 'to eat'; WBCs
28 _____ fibers stimulate papillary muscles
29 Minimum number of sources needed for final paper
30 Separates left and right ventricle
31 Person who teachers Anatomy and Physiology at Heights
1 _____ atria: Fills with deoxygenated blood
2 SA (Sinoatrial node) AKA
4 White Blood Cells AKA
7 Blood type O is a universal ______
8 Organ that pumps blood
9 Strongest ventricle
11 Largest artery
12 ECG
15 Sound that happens during ventricular systole
19 Veins carry blood ____ the heart
21 ECG that shows ventricular contraction; _____ complex
23 Causes runny nose, allergies, and releases histamines. (Plural)
24 Has a horse shoe or kidney shaped nucleus
25 An emotion often involving the heart
26 Muscle that pulls chordae tendineae
27 AV valve on right side
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