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The Human Body Crossword Puzzle

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The Human Body

Ms Alice Leyraud

          2   3       4     5        
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Across Down
3 The middle part of your body where it narrows slightly above your hips
6 The fine threads that grow in a mass on your head.
8 Top part of the front or your body where your ribs, lungs and heart are.
10 The part of your body which joins your head to the rest of your body
11 The part of your arm between your elbow and your wrist
13 Part of your body below your chest where your stomach and intestines are.
14 Areas of your body under your arms where your arms join your shoulders.
16 The place where your leg bends.
17 The small hollow just below your waist at the front of your body.
18 The part of your arm where the upper and lower halves of the arm are joined
22 The natural covering of your body.
23 The parts of your body that are at the ends of your legs, and that you stand on.
1 The two rounded fleshy parts of your body that you sit on.
2 The part of the body between the head and the legs that is on the opposite side to the chest and stomach.
4 The back of your mouth and the top part of the tubes that go down into your stomach and your lungs.
5 The two long parts of your body that are attached to your shoulders and that have your hands at the end
7 The back part of your foot, just below your ankle.
9 Between your neck and the tops of your arms.
12 The top part of your body, which has your eyes, mouth, and brain in it.
14 The joint where your foot joins your leg.
15 The parts of your body at the end of your arms. Each hand has four fingers and a thumb.
19 The long parts of the body that are used to stand on.
20 The top part of the front of your body where your ribs, lungs, and heart are
21 The two areas at the sides of your body between the tops of your legs and your waist.
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