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The Human Brain Crossword Puzzle

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The Human Brain

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Across Down
1 Damage to occipital lobe can cause _____ blindness.
3 Junction between two nerves.
4 One on each side of the brain in the temporal lobe. Responsible for emotions.
6 Neurons _____ and process information in the brain.
7 _____ lobe controls vision.
9 The right and left sides of the brain.
10 Above the brain stem. Controls coordination, balance and muscles.
12 Right hemisphere controls _____ and imagination.
14 Controls basic body functions like breathing.
15 The center of emotion and memory in the temporal lobe.
16 The skull
17 Disease that destroys the connections between cells in the brain.
19 Average brain has about 100 _____ neurons.
24 _____ lobe controls hearing and understanding of language
25 Lobe where reading and sensation are found.
27 The largest part of the brain.
1 Damage to the frontal lobe can cause problems with emotional _____.
2 _____ lobe controls reasoning, logic and judgement.
5 Branched extension of nerve cell.
8 Clear fluid surrounding the brain.
11 Syndrome caused by damage to parietal lobe.
13 Conducts impulses between cells.
18 _____ seizures caused by damage to the temporal lobe.
20 Left hemisphere controls _____ like science and math.
21 The outer layer of the cerebrum is the cerebral _____.
22 Cortex is divided into four _____.
23 Cell body that contains the cell nucleus.
24 The adult brain weighs about _____ pounds.
26 Brain cells.
28 The left hemisphere controls the _____ side of the body.
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