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The Human Brain Crossword Puzzle

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The Human Brain

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Across Down
6 elevated ridges of the brain
8 controls balance and equilibrium
11 also known as the interbrain
13 matter that consist of the cell body of the neuron
14 fissure that divides two cerebral hemispheres
15 processes vision
16 axons that connect the two hemispheres of the brain
19 provides sensation of body position
23 small grooves in the brain
24 role in regulation of body temperature
27 abbreviation for central nervous system
28 the largest division of the brain
29 the superficial part of the cerebrum
30 the lobe of the brain that is important for personality
1 site responsible for sensation of taste
2 site of language comprehension
3 the sulcus that divides the frontal and parietal lobe
4 lobe of brain responsible for sensation
5 the bulb responsible for sensation of smell
7 axons in the cerebrum
9 controls heart rate and blood pressure
10 area that controls facial neurons
12 cells that maintain the homeostasis of the neuron
17 deep grooves that divide large sections of the brain
18 the two part division of the cerebrum
20 provides a path way for ascending and descending axons
21 lobe responsible for information retrieval
22 relay station for messages to sensory cortex
25 controls breathing
26 axons from the brain that provide messages to the body
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