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The Human Lifespan Crossword Puzzle

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The Human Lifespan

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Across Down
10 youth are devalued, victimised or neglected
11 increasing complexity of behaviour patterns used in relationships with other people
13 experiencing the full range of emotions, increasing complexity in expression of emotions, the development of self-concept and resilience
14 changed to the body and its systems
15 increase in complexity of the brain, changes to sex organ function during puberty
18 written and oral communication
19 conflict resolution and open communication
21 having a tantrum when angry or upset
22 stage of the lifespan in between birth and the age 2
23 adults life experiences make them a valuable source of advice
25 youth have many opportunities and are fortunate to live at this time and in this society
26 youth are frightening, lazy or selfish
29 adults are bad drivers, they complain a lot, they are resistant to change
34 how someone sees themselves
1 running, throwing a ball, riding a bike
2 finding a way from the current state to the desired goal without a clear path
3 youth are positive, ambitious, hardworking and happy
4 focusing on one aspect while ignoring others
5 thinking in new ways
6 stage of the lifespan that starts when you're conceived and ends when you're born
7 understanding what is being said to them, being able to use words and sentences
8 range of concepts and information someone is familiar with and understands
9 increase in complexity of processes in the brain such as thought, knowledge and memory
12 stage of lifespan that starts at age 2 and ends at age 12
16 ability to retain and recall information
17 stage of lifespan that starts at age 18 and ends at death
20 writing, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces
24 stage of lifespan that starts at age 12 and ends at age 18
27 table manners, being considerate
28 son/daughter, employee, friends
30 people getting bigger until the end of puberty
31 the way an individual thinks
32 bouncing back from misfortune or hard times
33 shyness, fear, sadness, joy, anger, embarrassment, guilt, anger, suprise
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