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The Hypothalamus Crossword Puzzle

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The Hypothalamus

Gland Champion of the Endocrine System

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Across Down
1 '_____ of Internal Balance' is a nickname based upon the hypothalamus' main function
5 The hypothalamus affects your _____ cycle and circadian rhythm.
10 Proper _____ function and its production of T3 and T4 hormones depend on the hypothalamus.
11 The two systems responsible for regulation of body activities are the Endocrine and _____.
13 Most common cause of hypothalamic disorders is head _____.
14 Referred to as the 'Love Hormone.'
15 Generalization of gland sizes overall.
16 Fluid and _____ balance are regulated by the hypothalamus; it tells you when you're thirsty.
18 _____ are secreted by the hypothalamus to stop pituitary hormone secretion.
19 The pituitary and hypothalamus are _____ by a thin tube or stalk.
23 The hypothalamus plays a major role in body system _____.
24 Primary function of the hypothalamus; a term meaning internal balance.
27 _____-releasing hormone (CRH) sends a message to the pituitary to stimulate adrenal glands.
28 Disorders of the hypothalamus can be _____ and rare.
29 Both appetite and sleep disorders or types of _____ disease.
30 Hormone messages or signals coordinate numerous _____ functions.
31 There are _____ types of hormones produced in the hypothalamus.
32 Other nicknames include the 'Master _____' and the 'Main Neural Control Center' in the brain.
33 It is located below this gland.
34 _____ hormone (ADH) regulates water in the body.
38 Malfunction of the hypothalamus will have a negative effect on _____ parts of the body.
39 Blood _____ are used to deliver hormones to cells.
40 _____ and symptoms of hypothalamic disorders vary, depending on the hormone deficiency.
41 Weighing approximately 4 grams, the hypothalamus is roughly the size of this type of nut.
42 The entire body would _____ if the hypothalamus is damaged.
43 A substance produced by endocrine glands.
2 Above this gland is where you will find the hypothalamus.
3 Without the hypothalamus, your body _____ would not be regulated, much like Michigan weather.
4 Treatment of hormone deficiencies include hormone _____ medication.
6 Forms of dementia, including _____ disease are associated with hypothalamic dysfunction.
7 All the chemical processes in the body are known collectively as our individual _____.
8 Endocrine disease occur when glands fail to produce the _____ amount of hormones.
9 Endocrine glands are _____, so hormones are secreted directly into the bloodstream.
12 Hormone responsible for adult metabolism and childhood development.
17 Specializes in diagnosis and treatment of disease involving the endocrine system.
20 A vital connector.
21 PRH and PIH hormones secreted by the hypothalamus prompt pituitary regarding breast milk production.
22 Even though the pituitary is the 'Master Gland,' the hypothalamus is actually the _____.
25 Regulation of your _____ and mood is governed by the hypothalamus.
26 The hypothalamus produces both _____ and releasing hormones.
34 An individual's _____ and resulting food intake are due to the hypothalamus.
35 It is ____ to tell the difference between hypothalamic and pituitary disorders.
36 _____-releasing hormone triggers production and release of thyroid hormones.
37 Hormones are referred to as _____ messengers.
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