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The Interlopers Crossword Puzzle

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The Interlopers

Use your terms for the Interlopers and fill in the word that best defines the statement. Please spell the words correctly and make sure that your letters are easily read.

                  1           2                          
                  3       4                              
          6                     7                        
                10                             11          
                                    15       16            
                      17     18   19                        
Across Down
3 to agree to without protest
7 extend
8 one who takes goods by force
9 to shackle or bind one's arms
10 expression of sympathy with a grieving person
12 to quiet down, subside; a temporary calm or stillness
13 sheer, steep
14 to settle a controversy or disagreement
16 to gather or assemble
17 to remove a person from his/her possessions or property; oust
20 having little or no importance or consequence; caused by mean spiritedness
21 harmful, destructive
22 condition of extreme hardship; danger
1 a noisy quarrel; a public fight
2 having a genuine or pretended religious devotion
4 person who violates or interferes with the rights of another, such as trepassing
5 a serious determined effort
6 sluggish; weakness; fatigued
11 to argue; to debate; to call into question
15 a mixture of things not usually found together
17 a drink or potion; amount taken in one drink
18 to trespass on private property to hunt or fish
19 aid; help; relief
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