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The Internet And World Wide Web Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Internet and World Wide Web

terms about the Internet and the World Wide Web

                                    T               D  
                                    E               O  
                F I R E W A L L S   W               M  
                I                   A               A  
        E M A I L                   Y               I  
                E L E C T R O N I C S T O R E F R O N T
              G R A P H I C G R A P H I C A L I M A G E
                A         H                           C
                N         A                   C       O
B O O K M A R K S         T                   H       M
                P                             A       M
                O                             T       E
              B R O W S E R W E B B R O W S E R       R
                T                             O       C
                E M A I L A D D R E S S       O       E
                R                             M        
        H O M E P A G E                                
              D O W N L O A D I N G                    
              A C C E S S P R O V I D E R              
          C A B L E M O D E M                          
Across Down
3 prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network
4 transmission of the messages and files via a computer network
5 contains product descriptions, graphics, and shopping cart
6 digital representation of nontext information such as drawing, chart, or photograph
10 To mark a document or a specific place in a document for later retrieval
11 application software that allows users to access and view Web pages
12 combination of a user name and a domain name that indentifies a user so he or she can receive Internet e-mail
13 refers to the first page that a website displays
14 process of a computer receiving information, such as Web page, from a server on the Internet
15 business that provides individuals and companies access to the internet free or for a fee
16 provides high-speed internet connections through cable television network
1 Nodes on a network that serves as an entrance to another network
2 A group of computers and devices on a network that are administered as a unit with common rules and proceduresdefined by the IP address within the Internet
3 an internet standard that permits the process of file uploading and downloading with other computers on the Internet.
7 real-time typed conversion that takes place on a computer
8 business transaction that occurs over an electronic network such as Internet
9 a location on an internet server that permits users to chat with each other
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