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The Kite Runner Crossword Puzzle

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The Kite Runner

                                    1   2                
                                        3         4      
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Across Down
2 About to happen.
3 An act of speaking to oneself regardless of any hearers.
5 (building) in a state of being ruin due to aging.
6 Poor enough to need help from others.
7 Relating to depression.
9 Lack of organization.
11 A visible form of an idea, quality or feeling.
12 A feeling of dislike towards someone that you think do not deserve respect.
14 A sin you refuse or have not ask for forgiveness.
20 Zealous or impassioned.
21 Magnificent in appearance, especially pretentiously so.
22 To be silent because you are angry about something..
23 Not readily reveal or share one's feeling or opinion.
1 To make someone unable to think clearly, usually resulting from a shock.
2 Something unpleasant being continued and uninterrupted..
4 Open, not hidden.
5 A long essay on a particular subject.
8 Friendly and easy to talk to.
10 A performance of a dramatic role or a piece of music.
13 Suggest something bad is coming in an unpleasant way.
15 Something connected to something else larger or more important.
16 Refuse to change one's opinion in a stubborn way.
17 Wrong; incorrect.
18 Making someone feel strong and zealous.
19 In poor condition or old because of lack of care and through a long time.
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