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The Last Olympian Crossword Puzzle

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The Last Olympian

Use the clues to determine where the key words fit into the crossword.

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Across Down
5 Percy takes a dip in the River Styx and has to battle and defeat Hades' Army. Percy convinces Hades to form an alliance in the fight against Kronos
7 Percy tells everyone at Camp Halfblood that Kronos is alive and has taken over Luke's body
8 the god of death; Percy's uncle
9 a demigod; helps Percy on his mission to destroy the Princess Andromeda
11 the mount where the gods sit, except for Hades
12 daughter of Athena
13 The author of the Percy Jackson series
16 The Father Of All Monsters is killed and Percy and the Olympians win the war
17 the first monster he defeated at Camp Halfblood, and had to kill him again at Williamsburg Bridge
1 New York City, present time
2 Luke's dad; the messenger god; helps Percy by giving him things to help him hold Manhattan (Mt Olympus) from the Titans.
3 a demigod; son of Poseidon
4 the ship that Beckendorf and Percy blew up
6 the titan of war who wears the gold armor of the goat, Percy sends him back Tartarus
10 Percy battles Luke/Kronos and wins, but Luke was able to kill himself by stabbing himself in the armpit
14 the god of time
15 betrayed Percy by leading him to the Underworld to look for Zeus' thunderbolt when Luke had it hidden in the shield
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