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The Life Cycle OF Stars Crossword Puzzle

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The Life Cycle of Stars

Across Down
3 a white dwarf that has cooled down in temperature; is invisible because it no longer emits light
5 one of the endings of a star that has a mass 4-8 times greater than our Sun; are very dense
6 this is what a low or medium life star will become later in its life; typically have the same mass as our Sun, but only a bit larger than the Earth
7 the explosion of a star when it has reached the end of its lifetime; are no longer stars, and are seen as bright points of light in the sky
8 the dying stage of a star; they become larger and this color due to the decrease in temperature
9 burn up their fuel more quickly than regular stars; soon all fuels will run out and the core will collapse
10 places in space so strong that not even light can escape; may occur when a star is dying
1 this may be the beginning or the end of a star's life; a cloud that is made up of dust, helium and hydrogen, and plasma
2 this is what 90% of stars in the sky are; they fall out of balance when all the fuel has been used up
4 this is the starting point of a star's birth, lasting about 100,000 years; mainly made of helium and hydrogen particles, with a relatively low temperature
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