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The Lightning Thief Crossword Puzzle

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The Lightning Thief

Complete the crossword puzzle by figuring out the clues.

    3           4   5                      
6         7                       8        
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Across Down
4 Zeus's weapon and the most powerful weapon of all the Greek God's weapons
6 The safest place for all demigods to live and train
9 The main character and the son of Poseidon
14 The daughter of Athena
15 Half-human and half-bull
16 The place where Zeus and all the Greek gods live and meet for court.
17 Hades's realm and the place where all the dead people go to.
20 The god of war
1 God of the sea, one of the Big Three gods
2 A centaur, Camp Half-Blood's activities director and trainer.
3 Half- human and half-god
5 A satyr and Percy's best friend
6 Half-human and half-horse
7 Goddess of wisdom
8 Gives Percy a pair of winged shoes
10 The god of the Underworld, and one of the Big Three gods
11 God of the sky, one of the Big Three gods
12 Half-human and half-goat
13 The god of messengers and thieves
18 A mummy with the spirit of Delphi that tells you your future in a riddle.
19 The god of wine
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