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The Making OF Modern Britain Crossword Puzzle

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The Making of Modern Britain

Revision themes

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Across Down
7 Physical environment of a modern developed society
8 Efficiency of worker per shift, per hourly wage
10 State ownership of key industries
11 Churchill's successor as Prime Minister
12 Wealth
16 Rapid fall in value of the in international currency markets
17 Left wing person
1 Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer who introduced prescription charges in 1951
2 Churchill's original political party
3 Fall in price of goods
4 Nickname of Macmillan
5 A fixed amount of provisions or food, ended in Britain in 1954
6 Voting system where candidate with most votes in each constituency wins seat in Parliament
9 Agreement among different political parties about major issues
13 Minister of health in Attlee government
14 Macmillan's successor as Prime Minister
15 Increase in goods or services
17 British currency
18 First Labour Prime Minister after WW2
19 Crisis that ended Eden's career
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