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The Mark OF Athena Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Mark of Athena

Please complete the following crossword puzzle

                        E   A U G U R Y
            P R A E T O R   R          
                        M   A U R U M  
                        I   C          
    E I D O L O N       N   H          
        R         M     U   N          
  G A E A     C H A R M S P E A K      
        C         R                    
B A C C H U S   C E N T U R I O N      
        M         N             E      
        A C H E L O U S         M      
                  S             E      
      E P H I A L T E S         S      
                  R         O T I S    
      A C Y O N E U S           S      
      T       E   M                    
      H       W                        
      E     D R A K O N                
      N       O                        
      A       M                        
Across Down
2 The practice of divining the future
3 an elected Roman magistrate and commander of the army
4 Gold
5 possessing spirit
8 Evil Mother Earth who is the mother of all monsters in the world
9 A blessing for the children of Aphrodite that allows them to persuade others with their voice
10 The Roman God of wine and revelry
11 An officer of the Roman army
13 A potamous, or the river god
14 One of the twin giant sons of Gaea
15 The second of the two sons of Gaea
16 the eldest of the giants born to Gaea, destined to fight pluto
18 Gigantic serpent
1 The Roman God of boundaries and landmarks
2 the spider weaver that Annabeth encounters
6 The silver coin of ancient Greece
7 Latin for'our sea,' was a Roman name for the Mediterranean sea
12 The Greek goddess of revenge
16 The Greek goddess of wisdom
17 The location of Camp Jupiter
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