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The Material World Crossword Puzzle

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The Material World

Read the definitions and complete the crossword below

            4   5                                  
              9                                 10  
        13                                 14        
                18       19     20                    
Across Down
4 Businesses that produce goods for sale
6 This can affect a country's economy. Coastal countries can trade easily, but a landlocked country may have difficulty getting goods to markets
7 Resources that can be used and replaced in a relatively short amount of time
8 The number of children born each year for every one thousand people
9 A country's total income divided by its population
11 The measure of the quality of life in a given country based on income and material possessions
12 The average age a person can expect to live
13 The percentage of people who can read and write
15 A farm which produces only enough food to feed the family
16 An economy that is more agricultural than industrialized
18 Growing food in large quantities to make a living
1 An economy in the process of becoming industrialized
2 An economy that is more industrialized than agricultural
3 A product traded or sold to another country
5 Resources which cannot be replaced or can only be replaced after millions of years
10 Land which can be farmed for food
14 Percentage of people who live and work in the countryside
17 Percentage of people who live and work in the city
19 The study of how good and services are produced, distributed, and consumed
20 A product brought into a country through trade or sale
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