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The Meaning OF Culture Crossword Puzzle

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The Meaning of Culture


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5 It has several generations living in one household.
7 When women have greater authority than men.
8 Ranking of people in order of status.
9 Whn a ruler or group holds power by force.
10 It includes a wife, a husband, and their children.
11 When men exercise more authority than women.
12 The government controls what goods are produced, how they are produced and what they cost.
13 When individuals make some economic decisions and the government makes others.
16 When individuals answer the basic economic questions by buying and selling goods and services.
18 When people have supreme power.
1 Worship of one god.
2 The cornerstone of culture; it reflects a culture's identity; it's used for communication.
3 All the things that make up a people's entire way of life.
4 The most important unit of social organization.
6 When people produce most of what they need to survive.
14 It refers to the person or people who hold power in a society or the society's laws and political institutions.
15 Worship of more than one god.
17 When people choose the leaders who represent them.
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