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The Media Crossword Puzzle

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The Media

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5 news reporting devoted to a targeted portion. (subset) of a journalism market sector or for a portion of readers/viewers based on content or ideological presentation
7 a daily Internet user with regular access to high-speed Internet connections and the technology and literacy skills to participate online for employment, news, politics, entertainment, commerce, and other activities
8 Newspapers and magazines exaggeration
10 television, radio, or other media that transmit audio and/or video content to the public
11 a Federal Communications Commission regulation giving individuals the right to have the opportunity to respond to personal attacks made on a radio or television broadcast
12 a Federal Communications Commission requirement for broadcasters who air programs on controversial issues to provide time for opposing views; the FCC ceased enforcing this doctrine in 1985
17 an application or feed that collects Web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, online videos, and more in one location for easy viewing
19 television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, and other means of popular communication
20 Newspapers and magazines
21 process of preparing the public to take a particular view of an event or political actor
22 a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone's words or actions
23 a disclosure of confidential information to the news media
24 cheap, tabloid-style newspaper produced in the nineteenth century, when mass production of inexpensive newspapers first became possible due to the steam-powered printing press; a penny press cost one cent compared to other papers, which cost more tha
1 the tendency to focus news coverage on only on aspect of an event or issue, avoiding coverage of over aspects
2 issues that the serious attention of public officials
3 A journalist who searches through the activities of the public officials and organizations seeking to expose conduct contrary to the public interest
4 news reported and distributed by citizens, rather than professional journalists and for-profit news organizations.
6 the power of the media to influence how events and issues are interpreted
9 A published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation
13 the requirement that broadcasters provide candidates for the same political office equal opportunities to communicate their messages to the public
14 the ownership and control of the media by a few large corporations
15 government censorship of information before it is published or broadcast
16 Web-based and mobile-based technologies that are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue between organizations, communities, and individuals; social media technologies take on many different forms including blogs, Wikis, podcasts, pictur
18 the power of the media to bring public attention to particular issues and problems
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