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The Middle East Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Middle East

Fill in the crossword using the clues.

              S       E              
              Y       G              
              R       I R A Q        
          M   I   M   O              
        L O C A T I O N   I          
          V       D       D          
        H E I     D       E     P    
          M   C U L T U R A L   L   T
          E       E       S     A   U
          N       E             C   R
D E S E R T       A B S O L U T E   K
                  S                 E
                  T O P O G R A P H Y
                      H     E   E    
                      Y     L   O    
              G O O D S     A   P    
                      I     T   L    
                      C     I   E    
                  I R A N   V        
                      L     E        
Across Down
3 capital city: Baghad
6 absolute and relative
8 human enviorment interaction
10 religions, traditions, holidays, customs, clothing, etc.
12 area with minimal rainfall
13 exact location EX. latitude and longitude
14 the shape of the land
18 movement: imports and exports
19 capital city: Tehran
1 physical and cultural; fifth theme of geography
2 middle eastern country located at 35 degrees north, 37 degrees east
4 people, goods, and ideas
5 the region that Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Syria fall into.
7 movement: thoughts
9 physical and cultural; second theme of geography
11 most populated city: Istanbul
15 landforms and topography
16 not EXACT location
17 movement: immagrants, emmigrants, commuters, etc.
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