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The Muscular System Crossword Puzzle

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The Muscular System

Use your vocabulary definitions to complete the puzzle.

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Across Down
10 Rodlike bundle of contractile filaments.
12 Chemical released by motor neurons to stimulate muscle contraction.
13 Connective tissue surrounding fascicles.
14 Ability to shorten forcibly when adequately stimulated.
15 Specialized ER of a muscle cell.
19 Fibrous sheet connecting a muscle to the part it moves.
21 Layers of fibrous tissue covering and separating muscle.
22 Process in which oxygen is used to completely breakdown glucose.
23 Another name for a muscle cell.
24 Protein composing the thick filaments.
25 Alternative energy source for muscle cells.
27 Extension of the muscle cell plasma membrane deep into the cell.
28 A depolarization event conducted along the membrane of a muscle or nerve cell.
30 Ability to stretch.
34 Cord of dense fibrous tissue attaching muscle to bone.
1 Plasma membrane of a muscle cell.
2 Ability to recoil and resume resting length.
3 Type of contraction in which the muscle shortens.
4 Movable attachment of a muscle.
5 Type of contraction in which the muscle does not shorten.
6 Groups of muscle fibers surrounded by connective tissue.
7 Attachment of myosin heads to actin.
8 Ability to receive and respond to a stimulus.
9 Fluid filled space at a synapse.
11 Region where a motor neuron comes into close contact with a muscle cell.
16 Filaments that make up myofibrils; actin and myosin.
17 The smallest contractile unit of a muscle cell.
18 A motor neuron and all the muscle cells it stimulates.
20 Attachment of a muscle that remains fixed.
26 Rod-shaped protein around actin core.
29 Protein composing the thin filaments.
30 Connective tissue surrounded each muscle cell.
31 Connective tissue surrounding a muscle.
32 Cytoplasm of a muscle cell.
33 Globular three polypeptide complex on actin.
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