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The Nervous System Crossword Puzzle

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The Nervous System

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Across Down
6 Also known as nerve cells.
8 Causes muscles to contract, glands to secrete, and organs to function properly.
9 Nerve cells that are all located entirely in the CNS.
10 Inflammation of the brain caused by a viral infection.
11 Carries impulses from the sensory receptor to the central nervous system.
12 Largest nerve tract that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
13 Transmits impulses from the neuron cell body to stimulate target muscle or organ.
17 Transmits sensory information through a peripheral process.
24 A fluid that helps cushion the brain and spinal cord and nourishes with oxygen and glucose.
28 General nerve pain.
29 Inflammation due to a pinched nerve.
1 A deep grove in the brain.
2 A cerebrovascular accident.
3 Intense electrical bursts causesí temporary interference with muscle control, movement, speech, and vision, or awareness.
4 Bruising of the brain.
5 Nerve fibers that are housed within the nerve tract must have the same origin, function, and termination.
7 Membranes that encompass the brain and spinal cord.
8 A chronic, debilitating autoimmune disease.
14 Paralysis from the shoulders down.
15 Injury caused by sharp jarring may cause.
16 Degeneration of the nerve cells in the parts of the brain thatís controls movement.
18 Outer sheath of nerve composed of Schwann cells.
19 Permanent disabling birth defect happens during first month of pregnancy.
20 Protective membranes that wrap nerve fibers in PNS.
21 Paralysis on one side of the body.
22 Infection of the meninges that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.
23 Misfiring or interference of electrical impulses in the brain.
25 Paralysis from the waist down.
26 A progressive disease which loss of memory and other cognitive functions occur.
27 A shallow groove of the brain.
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