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The Odyssey Chapters 11-12 Crossword Puzzle

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The Odyssey Chapters 11-12

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Across Down
2 What object was placed in ears to prevent the crew from getting lured by the songs?
4 Who told Calypso about the conversation between Helios and Zeus?
6 What Greek cultural concept is depicted by Agamemnon's wife?
8 What greek cultural concept is referred to when the following statement is made, “She cannot bring herself to look her son in the eye or speak to him”?
9 What Greek cultural concept is shown when Circe gives Odysseus advice?
10 What land has killed everyone that attempts to go through it except for the ship Argo?
13 With what did Zeus destroy Odysseus’s ship?
15 Who led the rest of Odysseus’s crew to disobey Odysseus’s orders about the cows?
18 What Greek cultural concept was shown when Helios told Zeus to kill Odysseus's crew?
19 Odysseus hung on a fig tree to avoid getting killed by who?
20 The men writhing in Scylla’s grip were compared to what creature?
22 Who did Odysseus think would send the Gorgon after him in the underworld?
25 What Greek concept did Ajax strive for but Odysseus took away due to the competition?
26 Who bewitches all the men who come near them?
27 What Greek cultural concepts influenced the crew into killing the cows despite Odysseus’s orders?
1 What Greek cultural concept was portrayed by Odysseus telling his men what Circe told him?
3 To who does Odysseus say, “...the mightiest of the Achaeans...while you were alive the army honored you like a god, and now that you are here you rule the dead with might.”?
4 What Greek cultural concept did Odysseus’s crew display by killing Helios’s cows, which ultimately led to their own death?
5 After the shipwreck, where did Odysseus float to?
7 Who did Odysseus come to the underworld to meet?
11 How many men did the monster sucking down seawater take?
12 What did the dead have to drink to speak to the living?
14 Who was forced to remain hungry and thirsty while food and water were dangled above him?
16 Who was left too eternally push a boulder up a hill?
17 Who does the statement, “Like a young puppy, but she is an evil monster that not even a God would be glad to see,” describe?
21 What was Odysseus doing when his men decided to slaughter the cows?
23 Odysseus and his crew returned to Circe’s house to retrieve whose body?
24 Which demigod empathized with Odysseus about the suffering they have both been through?
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