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The Outsiders Crossword Puzzle

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The Outsiders

  1   2     3                            
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                25 26     27                
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            31         32                  
Across Down
1 What part of Johnny body did he break in fire?
4 Who did Johnny kill at the park?
8 Who is Ponyboy oldest brother?
10 What type of book is this?
11 Who helped Johnny in church save the kids?
14 Who dose Ponyboy and Johnny save in the fire?
16 Whol helped ponyboy and Johnny hideout?
17 Who wanted borrow Twobit switchblade?
18 What did the socs almost drown Ponyboy in ?
19 Was the town Ponyboy and Johnny lived in small or large?
21 What is Cherry female friends name?
22 Where did Johnny die at?
23 Who is Sodapop best friend?
24 Ponyboy and Johnny go with Dally to the ?
25 Who needs to get a haircut?
28 What was one of the items Dally gave the boys?
29 Who was oldest and funniest greaser group member?
30 What did Johnny kill Bob with ?
31 What color was the mustang?
32 Who killed Dally?
2 Who acted for spy for greasers?
3 Who said 'stay gold ponyboy' ?
5 What is author last name of this book?
6 What burnt down in the book?
7 Was this book made in 1968?
9 Ponyboy parents are both?
12 What state did Greasers and Socs live in?
13 What town did the boys hideout in?
15 What kind of paper does Ponyboy need to write to save his grade?
20 Who was against the greasers?
22 What did newspapers proclaim Ponyboy and johnny was?
24 What did the socs drive?
26 What kind of fight is suppost to happen between socs and greasers?
27 Which brother of Ponyboy is happy go lucky?
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