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The Philippines Crossword Puzzle

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The Philippines

Geography and Resources

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Across Down
1 the 2nd highest peak in the Philippines.
7 it bounds the country on the North.
8 Region V.
10 it has the longest irregular coastline in the world.
12 declared as a national marine park in August, 1987.
13 it has an area of 56,606 sq.km.
14 a dome-shaped limestone hills turn chocolate-brown as the grass wither.
17 world's smallest vertebrate.
18 it borders the Pacific coast and west of it lies the valley of Agusan.
20 the world's largest shell.
22 The capital and largest city of the Philippines.
23 the longest river in the Philippines.
27 mountain which is considered as a powerful energy source for pilgrims and spiritualists.
28 regarded as the Queen of Philippine Orchids.
30 an important work animal.
31 it is the greatest iron-bearing in the country.
32 Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
33 it looks like a dwarf carabao.
34 the narrowest strait in world between Samar and Leyte.
35 are among the significant ecosystems that characterize the coastal areas of the archipelago.
36 it is the national tree of the Philippines.
37 world's largest fish.
2 largest insect in the Philippines.
3 smallest monkey in the world.
4 volcano which erupted 6 times in 1985 and thrice in 1986.
5 the smallest shell in the world.
6 Philippine Cockatoo.
9 world's second largest bird.
10 the world's smallest deer.
11 Region IV-A.
15 it has an area of 101,999 sq.km.
16 the oldest copper mine in the country still exists.
19 Cordillera Administrative Region.
21 the largest and longest range in the country.
24 freshwater species of sardines, found in Lake Taal, Batangas.
25 a volcano within a volcano.
26 the smallest commercial fish.
29 largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.
38 the biggest of the three major geographical groups. It has an area of 141,395 sq.km.
39 dubbed as the clock of the mountains by the Spanish Colonizers.
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