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The Pit And The Pendulum Crossword Puzzle

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The Pit and the Pendulum

                                  1 2              
            6       7                              
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Across Down
1 the narrator is....
3 ghostly figure
7 the person or thing standing against the main character
8 one of the words for a small opening in a wall
9 shook
11 collection of food
12 the narrator uses these animals to help him escape one of the traps
13 they feed the narrator small amounts of this
15 the story uses this type of irony
16 sounding unpleasant
18 to give intense attention to
19 main character
22 the walls and ceiling of the prison are made of this
23 the narrator hallucinates these to be angels and demons
24 the floor of the prison is made of this
26 stone work
27 official orders
2 this is what the narrator is because they barely feed him
4 the fall symbolizes this
5 this story takes place during the Spanish ______________
6 direct comparison of two things
10 thought
11 speed
14 eagerness
17 the ________________ symbolizes the scythe of the Grim Reaper
19 closeness
20 referencing something famous in your work creates this
21 straps going around a body
25 the pit symbolizes this
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