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The Plains Crossword Puzzle

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The Plains

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Across Down
1 This very important crop was celebrated with a special harvest ceremony each year.
3 Buffalo parts used to create cups and spoons.
7 After water, these were the Plains' most important natural resource.
10 A celebration to honor a cultural or religious event.
12 Used as fire fuel by the Plains people, instead of wood.
13 A moveable home made with wooden poles and covered with buffalo skin.
1 Any man who was a good warrior and a good leader could become this.
2 A home made of earth which held between 20 to 40 people.
4 These buffalo parts were used as water bags for Plains Indians.
5 One of three important crops grown by Central Plains people, along with beans and corn.
6 A house covering made of soil, held together by roots of grasses.
8 Meaning 'in short supply.'
9 A carrier made of wooden poles and pulled by dogs.
11 What Plains people meant to show for nature through their Sun Dance ceremony.
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