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The Poet's Toolbox Applied Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Poet's Toolbox Applied

Figure the word out and insert the word in the puzzle

                                            S I M I L E      
                                  A       F   U              
                                  N       A   R              
                                  A       M   A U T U M N    
              R                   L       I   T              
              H               R H Y M E   L   I              
              Y             F     S       I   V              
              M             I N T I M I D A T E D            
            B E G I N N I N G     S       R                  
              S             U               M   P            
                    M   T   R H Y M E S C H E M E S          
                    O   O   A               T   R            
                  C O N N O T A T I O N     A   S T A N Z A S
                    D   E   I           O   P   O            
                            V           D   H   N            
                    R H Y M E S C H E M E   O   I            
                            L               R   F O R M      
                            A                   Y            
        W O R D         C O N N E C T I O N S                
              I             G               Y                
              C     C O M M U N I C A T E   M E T E R        
          I   T   N         A   N   T   M   B                
R H Y T H M   I   A         G   T   T   O   O                
          A P O S T R O P H E   E   E   T   L                
          G   N   U     O       R   N   I   I                
          E       R     E       N   T   O   S                
          R       A     T       A   I   N   M                
          Y       L     S       L   O   S                    
                                  E N D                      
Across Down
2 A ______ is a figure of speech in which one thing is compared to another dissimilar thing using the words like, as, than, or resembles.
5 In 'To Autumn,' the reader gets the impression that the speaker of the poem is talking to ______.
7 The last thing to remember is that poets have a 'toolbox' full of poetic devices: _____, meter, form, connotation, denotation, imagery, figures of speech, tone, and mood.
9 Don't make the mistake of being ______________ by a poem because all people can enjoy, understand, and comment on poetry.
10 __________rhymes occur in the first syllables of successive lines.
15 Regular patterns in end rhymes, such as ABCB, are known as ___________ ________.
16 Poets have to make every word count so they are extremely mindful of ___________,
17 _______ are groups of lines that are seperated from other groups of lines in a poem. They are the paragraphs of poetry.
19 _____ ______ is the sequence of rhymed and unrhymed lines in a poem, which may be regular (ABABCDCD), irregular ( ABCDCDAE), or some combination of the two.
20 ____ is the overall structure of a poem in terms of its rhyme scheme, meter, and number of lines.
21 Finally, a poet might be trying to use a ____ that doesn't fit in with the established scheme.
23 A poet could also vary it to make ___________ between passages that do share the same rhyme schemes.
25 The first thing to remember when you're trying to analyze a poem is that poets are trying to ________________ information to their readers.
29 __________ is the sequence of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry.
32 Meter creates the ________ of a poem and is measured in feet.
33 __________ is the direct address of an absent person as though he or she were present or of an inanimate object as though it were a person.
35 ____ rhymes are when rhyming words occur tt the end of two or more successive lines.
1 Keatsmakes frequent use of __________ language in 'To Autumn,' like the personification of Autumn.
3 Remember, ________ is simply a matter of looking closely at a poem and thinking about how all the parts fit together.
4 Their poems often address issues that you're ____________with in your own life.
6 There are three kinds of _________: end rhymes, internal rhymes, and beginning rhymes.
8 __________ ________ refers to words and phrases that are intended to mean something other than their literal menaing.
11 A ________ is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that means one thing is used to represent another thing in order to suggest a similarity between the two.
12 To ________ is to ascribe human qualities to nonhuman things.
13 Examined together, each collection of words from each stanza of the poem has its own ____,which one might describe as bountiful, sleepy, and mournful, respectively.
14 Keats's ____ makes it seem as if the speaker likes Autumn-- he describes it as patient and as a 'friend,' and he is amused by its 'careless' nature.
18 An ___ is a poem in which the author addresses his or her thoughts, feelings, and impressions in an elevated style.
22 _______ is the writer's choice of words.
24 _________ is using one thing to stand for (or represent) something else.
26 In an ________rhyme, the rhyming words occur somewhere between the beginning and end of one or more lines.
27 A poet might vary a rhyme scheme to draw_________ to certain words or ideas.
28 Romantic poets often used the ode to meditate on their ________, the human situation, and nature.
30 The _______ of bounty, harvest, and death helps move the poem through the different stages of Autumn (from ripeness to harvest to early winter)
31 The irregular rhythm of 'To Autumn' gives the poem a more _______ feel -- it almost sounds conversational.
34 The second point about analyzing a poem is to remember that _________ are people, too.
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