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The Princilples OF Design Crossword Puzzle

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The Princilples of Design

Elements of Design

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Across Down
3 The juxataposition of differnet elements of design (for example: rough and smooth textures, dark and light values) in order to highlight their differences and/or create visual interest, or a focal point.
5 Using different elements in an image to create visual interest.
6 All parts of an image work together to be seen as a whole .
7 Special attention/importance given to one part of work of art (for example, a dark shape in a light composition).
9 The relationship between ojects with respect to size,number, and so on, including the relation between parts of a whole.
10 The eye can be directed, fro example, along edges and and by means of shape and colour.
11 The pleasing relationship of all parts to each other and the whole of the design
12 A feeling of balance results when the elements of design are arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically to create the impression of equality in weight or importantance.
1 A regular arrangement of alternated or repeated elements (shapes, lines, colours) or motifs.
2 Some times called the focal point
4 The use of recurring elements to direct the eye through the image; the way the elements are organized to lead the eye to the focal area. '
8 The arrangement of elements to give the viewer the feeling that all the parts of the piece of the form a coherent whole.
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