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The Respiratory System Crossword Puzzle

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The Respiratory System

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Across Down
2 a soft-bodied beetle related to the glowworm which has luminescent organs.
4 the respiratory organ of fishes and some amphibians
8 process in which cells use oxygen from the air and sugar in the food we eat to produce energy, carbon dioxide and water vapour
10 a flexible cordlike structure containing blood vessels and attaching a human fetus to the placenta during pregnancy.
11 disease caused by enlargement of air sacs in the lungs
12 enlargement or swelling
15 reacts with unnecessary force
16 breathed out (the word has the letter h)
18 a large eel-like freshwater fish which using pulses of electricity to kill prey or for defence.
20 infectious and inflammatory lung disease that results in lung damage
22 disease in which air tubes become inflamed and filled with mucus due to an allergy
23 breathed in (the word has the letter h)
24 breathing with difficulty
25 breathed out (the word has the letter p)
1 substances that make something dirty or no longer pure
3 abnormal growth in or on part of the body
5 breathed in (the word has the letter p)
6 increase in number
7 poisonous
9 an animal which lives in the water for most or all of its lifetime
13 condition that causes some people to react badly or fall ill when they come into contact with certain substances
14 capable of spreading to others
17 a pair of breathing organs in the respiratory system that is located within the chest
19 airway between the throat and the lungs
21 disease caused by inflammation of windpipe and the two main air tubes that lead to the lungs
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