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The Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle

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The Revolutionary War

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Across Down
2 Document drafter by the 1st Continental Congress. “Declaration of ___.
6 He said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” (2 words)
9 The Massachusetts militia became known as the ________ Army.
11 Another name for the local militia.
12 Famous battle of the Revolutionary War. (2 words)
14 Famous general of the Revolutionary War.
15 Colonist who agreed with the British were called ______.
16 The primary author of the Declaration of Independence.
1 When Paul Review was captured this rider took his place.
3 City where the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought.
4 A key city in the early days of the war.
5 State where George Washington was born.
7 She urged her husband to “remember the ladies”. (2 words)
8 This African slave successfully sued for her freedom. (2 words)
10 They chose to fight for independence from Britain
13 Author of the pamphlet “Common Sense”.
17 The 1st Continental Congress wanted to separate from Britain (True or False)
18 Another name for British soldiers.
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