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The Russian Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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The Russian Revolution

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Across Down
5 Lenin's plan to jumpstart the Russian economy (3 letter abbreviation)
8 This was the result of Russia wanting a warm water port in Manchuia (3 words)
10 This group masterminded the revolution in November 1917
11 New name Lenin gave to the Bolsheviks (2 words)
12 After the assassination of this manís reform-minded father by revolutionaries, he decreed that only Russian could be spoken in Russia
13 1905 peaceful march that ended with 200 Russians dead and 1,000 injured (2 words)
14 They believed in a broad base of popular support for the revolution
15 This manís influence on Czarina Alexandra led a group of Russian nobles to murder him
16 This event lead to Nicholas II stepping down as Czar (2 words)
17 He was the last Romanov czar of Russia
18 This was the influential local council of workers, peasants, and soldiers, formed by social revolutionaries in cities such as Petrograd
1 This type of organized violence against Jews was encouraged by Alexander III
2 This was Russiaís first parliament
3 He took control of the USSR after Lenin died
4 Head of the Provisional Government
6 This was overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolution (2 words)
7 He was the major leader of the Bolsheviks
9 For Russia, this ended with the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which cost Russia a large chunk of territory
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