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The Secret Life OF Walter Mitty Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

        D                                     I N S O L E N T
        E                                     N              
  D     F                 D   S       C       S U R G E O N  
  E     E                 I   H       H       C              
  R     N                 S   O       A       R              
  I     D                 T   R       R     D U C T          
  S     A                 R   T       A   H   T              
F I R I N G S Q U A D     A   S       C   Y   A              
  V     T           Y     U   T       T   D   B              
  E       C R A V E N     G   O       E   R   L              
                    A U T H O R S P U R P O S E              
P A N D E M O N I U M     T   Y           P                  
                    I                     L   H              
            F L A T C H A R A C T E R     A   A              
          W         C                     N   G              
        J A M E S T H U R B E R           E   G              
          T         A                         A              
          E         R O U N D C H A R A C T E R              
          R         A                         D              
          B         C                                        
          U       S T A T I C C H A R A C T E R              
          R         E                                        
          Y         R O Y A L A I R F O R C E                
                              V A U L T                      
Across Down
2 Boldy disrespectful
7 In his second daydream, Walter Mitty is a...
8 A tubular structure in the body through which substances pass
10 In his fifth daydream, Walter Mitty faces a...
12 Very fearful or cowardly
13 The author's main reason for writing
14 Wild noise and disorder
16 A character who exhibits a one-dimensional, single trait
18 The author of Walter Mitty
19 A complex character, showing many different qualities
20 A character who remains the same
21 In his fourth daydream, Walter Mitty is a captain in the...
23 An underground room or cave with an arched ceiling
1 In his third daydream, Walter Mitty is a ________ in a courtroom
2 Baffling and mysterious
3 Mocking
4 Troubled or confused
5 A brief work of fiction
6 A person or animal who takes part in the action of a literary work
9 In his first daydream, Walter Mitty is a commander of a...
11 A character who develops, changes, and learns something
15 Have a very exhausted appearance
17 The setting of the story
22 Arousing doubts and suspicion
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