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The Self, Sensation And Perception Crossword Puzzle

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The Self, Sensation and Perception

Complete the crossword puzzle.

                          3             4   5                
        6                                         7          
12                                               13            
                  15         16                                
                          19                         20        
                                22     23         24            
                    25     26                 27                
Across Down
3 Identities of self.
7 Examples of this are visual, auditory,olfactory area,eyes,ears,nose etc.
10 Sense of the location of body parts in relation to the ground and each part.
12 The sensations of movements, balance and body position sensory conflict theory an explanation of motion sickness in which the information from the conflict from the information from the vestibular
14 Interpretation of out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an 'astral body' separates from the physical body.
16 Two ends of a straight line segment passing behind an occurring triangle appear offset when, in fact their are aligned.
17 Ability to see things that are not actually present.
18 Specialized forms of neurons.
19 Explain how eye creates whole (gestalt) from parts.
21 The body senses consisting of the skin sense, the kinesthetic sense, and the vestibular senses.
25 The tendency to interpret the shape of an object as being constant.
1 Understand ourselves the same way we perceive and understand others.
2 Less vulnerable to threat following failure.
4 It is the retinal image size allow us to judge distance based on our past and present experience.
5 The action of mind on mater in which objects are caused to move or change as a result of mental concentration upon them.
6 Attempts to make others like us by praising them.
8 Identities of self.
9 When objects of known distance subtend a malller and smaller angle.
11 Claimed ability to read another person's thought or mind reading.
13 It is the Objective.
15 It is the definition of soma.
20 The study of esp, ghost and other subjects that do not normally fall into the realm of ordinary psychology.
22 Store information and influence the way we think and remember.
23 Activation of receptors in the various sense organs.
24 An examination of one's own thought and feelings.
25 How we make ourselves good looking to others.
26 Supposed ability to know something in advance of its occurence or to predict a future event.
27 Occurs in instances where one object overlaps the other, which causes us to perceive depth.
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