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The Solar System Crossword Puzzle

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The Solar System

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Across Down
3 turbulent plasma between stars core and its visible photosphere at the surface
5 when a nuclei of a small atom combines and forms a new nucleus, and creates energy
7 It is a thin layer layer above the photosphere that glows during an eclipse
8 the section of the solar interior between the innermost core and the outer convective zone.
9 the continuous flow of charged practicals from the sun
14 the solar chemical composition is an important ingredient in our under-standing of the formation of the sun.
16 its gas that extends above the photosphere
17 the visible surface of the sun
1 It is the outer most layer of the suns atmosphere
2 is a torus of energetic charged partials
4 strength or vitality required for substantiated physical or mental activity
6 A colored light cause by charged partials from the solar wind; it is usually seen in the sky near earths magnetic poles.
10 It helps you warm up when you are cold
11 Dark cooler spots on the sun
12 It is in the middle of the sun
13 It helps you see when it is dark
15 explosive release of energy that comes from the sun and is associated with magnetic disturbance on the suns surface.
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