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The Son OF Neptune Crossword Puzzle

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The Son Of Neptune

        1       2                        
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Across Down
1 Hit forcibly and deliberately with one hand or a weapon or other implement
4 A long tapering object or projection resembling such a tooth
5 Ugly or disgusting to look at
7 Make continual twisting squirming movements or contortions of the body
9 Cause something to break apart into small fragments
12 A solemn utterance to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something
14 Change organic matter into a stony concretion
15 Splash with a sticky or viscous liquid
16 Short and stout
17 An unroofed area that is completely or partially enclosed by walls or buildings typically one forming part of a castle or large house
19 Cut something with a violent sweeping movement
21 A hard or padded protective hat
22 A large theater or stadium
25 Frown in an angry or bad tempered way
26 Smile or speak in a contemptuous or mocking manner
29 Cause something to make a such a sound
30 Relating to an animal ability to return to a place or territory after traveling a distance away from it
2 The raucous clucking cry of a bird such as a hen or a goose
3 The highest point of a hill or mountain
6 Seek to obtain something at the expense or through the generosity of others
8 Metal coverings formerly worn by soldiers to protect the body in battle
10 Engrave metal, glass or stone by coating it with a protective layer
11 The throwing back by a body or surface of light heat or sound without absorbing it
13 Make a soft muffled crackling sound like that caused by the movement of dry leaves or paper
18 A being with partial or lesser divine status such as a minor deity the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank
20 Appear as a shadowy form
23 Change or cause to change direction abruptly
24 Push or shake someone abruptly and roughly
27 Be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees
28 Move around a place in search of or as if in search of prey
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