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The Spirit IN The Bottle And The Frog King Crossword Puzzle

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The Spirit in the Bottle and The Frog King

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Across Down
3 The princess loses her ball in a very deep __________ .
4 A wicked __________ cursed the prince and turned him into an ugly frog.
5 The princess promises that the frog can eat off her golden __________.
7 The boy went to the university to become a __________ .
8 The princess promises to take the frog to the __________ with her.
10 The boy heard a voice coming from a __________ on the ground.
11 The princess forgot her __________ to the frog and left him at the well.
13 The handkerchief could also __________ injured people;
14 The neighbor __________ the woodcutter his ax so the son could cut trees also.
15 The frog says, 'Princess, oh Princess, open the __________ .
16 To earn money the woodcutter cut __________ in a big forest.
17 The prince asked the princess to _________ him and live in his kingdom.
19 The princess promises the frog that he can be her __________ .
20 An ugly __________ asks the princess why she is crying.
1 The King says, 'You gave your word and you must __________ it.
2 A huge __________ grew out of the bottle.
6 The woodcutter wanted his son to have a good __________ .
9 The giant wanted to _________ the boy.
11 The princess promises to let the frog sleep on her __________.
12 When covered with the handkerchief any metal turned to __________ .
13 The second time the giant came out of the bottle he gave the boy a _________ .
18 The woodcutter had only one __________ .
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