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The Stone Crossword Puzzle

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The Stone

Match a word with the clue.

                          2 3          
                4   5 6                
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Across Down
2 Doli thought that the wishes of the people were this.
5 Doli had a problem with this in the story.
7 Maibon didn't want Modrona to do this.
8 This is one thing Modrona thought Maibon could have got instead of the stone.
9 Maibon thought that Doli had been this.
10 Modrona first complained about this.
11 Maibon never saw these people again.
13 This made Maibon think about turning old.
14 Madrona thought the stone brought this.
16 Maibon called Doli this near the end.
18 Modrona thought this about Maibon when he brought the stone home.
19 This is what Maibon felt about the passerby.
1 This is a word you would use when describing Doli.
3 Maibon was missing this when trying to get rid of the stone.
4 This is something Maibon didn't do with Modrona.
6 Doli gave Maibon this.
9 Doli said that everyone in his family had the ability to do something.
12 Doli did this when Maibon asked for the stone.
15 This was one of the hints that made Maibon realize that the stone worked.
17 A word that decribes Maibons wish of staying young forever not caring about the kids.
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