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The Study OF Life Crossword Puzzle

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The Study of Life

Match the definitions with the correct vocabulary word.

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Across Down
5 All of the chemical processes that build up or break down materials.
9 Observed and measured during an experiment.
11 Allow scientists to test hypothesis and find out how something happens.
12 The change in living things over time.
13 The maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism.
14 Proposed answer for a scientific question.
15 An inherited trait that gives an advantage to individual organisms and is passed on to future generations.
16 All living things and all the places they are found on Earth make up this.
19 Across the biosphere, the variety of life is called this.
20 Using our senses to study the world.
1 A particular type of living things that can reproduce by interbreeding among themselves.
2 Conditions that do not change during an experiment.
3 A proposed explanation for a wide range of observations and experimental results that is supported by a wide range of evidence.
4 The basic unit of life.
6 A condition that is manipulated, or changed, by a scientist.
7 Observations that are recorded and analyzed.
8 The genetic material that make up that organism.
10 A physical environment with different species that interact with one another and with nonliving things.
17 The scientific study of all forms of life, or all types of organisms.
18 An organized group of related parts that interact to form a whole.
20 Any individual living thing.
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