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The Sun Crossword Puzzle

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The Sun

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2 Normally seen during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.
3 A nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy.
4 Occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released.
5 The second of the three main layers in the Sun's atmosphere and is roughly 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers deep.
6 The layer of a star's interior where energy is primarily transported toward the exterior of the star.
7 A stream of incandescent gas projecting above the sun's chromosphere.
8 A star's outer shell from which light is radiated.
10 A region of turbulent plasma between a star's core and its visible photosphere at the surface.
11 Streams plasma and particles from the sun out into space.
14 The entire solar system.
1 A layer of energetic charged particles that is held in place around a magnetized planet, such as the Earth, by the planet's magnetic field.
9 High temperature.
12 Stimulates sight and makes things visible.
13 To provide light and heat.
15 A natural electrical phenomenon characterized by the appearance of streamers of reddish or greenish light in the sky.
16 The central or most important part of something.
17 A spot or patch appearing from time to time on the sun's surface.
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