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The Tragedy OF Julius Caesar Crossword Puzzle

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The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

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Across Down
5 Tries to warn Caesar but is stopped by the conspirators
7 Reiteration of a word, sound, phrase, or idea
8 Appeal to logic
10 The ruler of Rome
11 Shakespeares wife
13 Name of theater Shakespeare built
15 Number of times Caesar refused crown
16 Who says: 'Beware the ides of march'
17 The author's way of giving the reader clues to hint what might happen next
19 Wife of Caesar
20 Day of Doom in Julius Caesar
21 Author of the story
23 How did Caesar die
24 Who says: So call the field to rest; and let's away,/To part the glories of this happy day?
29 Anything occuring or existing out of its proper time
31 Appeal to emotions
32 An expression or statement where the meaning of the words used is the opposite of their sense
33 Conspirator
1 What is Caesar believed to be?
2 Mastermind in the conspiracy
3 Swallow coal
4 Repetition of a word or phrase as the beginning of successive clauses
6 Name of play we are reading
9 Brutus' servant
12 Love Caesar, but love Rome more
14 Who is compared to the 'ass'
15 Took his own life because Cassius killed himself
18 Acuse the people of being fickle
19 The first person to stab Caesar
22 Appeal to the character
25 A drama in which a series of actions leads to the downfall of the main character
26 Where does the final battle take place?
27 Member of the first triumvirate, is killed by Caesar
28 A senator, the triumvirs have him executed
30 An implied or indirect reference
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