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The Treasure Hunter Crossword Puzzle

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The Treasure Hunter

                                  7     8  
Across Down
1 Can give you the opportunity to donate monthly to a child in Haiti and communicate through letters, and drawing, all the while helping someone in need
2 The best part about the coaching this year is that there havenít been any clock management issues that cost the Giants football games. ________has been very good at leading this team so far.
3 However, according to TIME, if the rate of carbon dioxide emissions keeps increasing as they have been, _______ million Americans can be homeless by the year 2100
4 When the audience is first introduced to Denzel Washingtonís character, Sam ________ , a stone-cold gunfighter with a heart of gold, his dark-skinned hands are shown, accompanied by hateful glares from the townspeople
5 Everyone, from the sheriff to the most popular guy in school, knows something about the mysterious happenings that are becoming more frequent in the fictional town of ______, Indiana.
6 This musical is a fun-filled mashup of multiple different Broadway shows with one song from each show. For example, one of the featured songs will be from the hit musical, _______.
9 The Penny Wars raised over a thousand dollars for this charity which helps the children of victims of the 9/11 attack
1 The Mets were second in the National League-East to the Washington Nationals. They did make it as the home team for the National League wildcard game, but lost to the ________________, 3-0.
7 During the winter season, the cheerleaders will be going to PAC twice a week. PAC stands for _________ Athletic Center, which is located in Wantagh for gymnasts/cheerleaders to practice.
8 The Lions Clubís motto is ď______'
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