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The Universe IN A Nutshell Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Universe in a Nutshell

                        E T H E R                            
                      N       L   T H E O R Y                
                      U       E     I                        
                      C       C     L                        
                      L       T     B                        
                      E       R     E       C   C U R V E D  
                      U       O     R       Y   O            
                  T   S E V E N T Y T W O   T   S            
                  H     I                   O   M            
                  Y     N U C L E A R F I S S I O N          
                  M     S                   I   L   Q        
                L I G H T Y E A R     B E R N   O   U   L   K
                  N     E                   E   G U A N I N E
                  E   S I N G U L A R I T Y     Y   N   G   L
                        N                     M     T   H   V
                        S P E E D O F L I G H T     A   T   I
                J       P                     H             N
                E     D O U B L E H E L I X   E              
                W       S                     O              
    K   A   P R I N C E T O N                 R              
    A   T       S       U                     Y              
P E N R O S E   H       L   P   E     P                      
A   T   M   X           A T O M I C B O M B S                
S           P           T   S   N     S   I                  
T       B L A C K H O L E   I   S     I   G                  
            N               T   T     T   B                  
          A D E N I N E     I   E     R   A                  
            I           D   V   I     O   N E W T O N        
            N E U T R O N   E   N     N   G                  
            G     I     A                                    
Across Down
1 What scientists believed the space was filled with, but later found out they were wrong.
4 A heavily supported thought among the scientific community that explains a phenomenon and is highly tested.
7 Objects in the universe move in a straight line but seem to move in a ______ line.
9 How many zeros are after a one in the density per cubic inch of the singularity at maximum density.
11 What was revelaed by Einstein's equation and is what the atomic bombs were based on.
13 The distance traveled by light in one year.
14 Where Albert Einstein was working when he established himself as one of the world's leading scientists.
17 One of the four nitrogenous bases in DNA, bonds with a pyrimidine and the pyrimidine does not change when it is in RNA.
18 What the world was compressed into before it came into existence.
20 What c stands for in Einstein's famous equation.
22 The structure the two strands of DNA create when they bond.
25 Where Einstein spent the last twenty years of his life because he left Germnay and renounced his citizenship.
26 The person whom Stephen Hawking worked with to prove many people wrong and create new ideas.
31 The items that were dropped in World War II and were blamed on Einstein.
33 A region of spacetime from which nothing can escape because gravity is so strong, time practically ends here.
34 One of the four nitrogenous bases in DNA, has a double ring and forms two hydrogen bonds with a pyrimidine in DNA.
36 The person that held the Lucasian chair at Cambridge and published the Principa Mathematica
37 An uncharged particle that is in the nucleus of an atom along with a proton and sometimes accounts for half of the particles in the nucleus.
2 A particle with a negative charge that orbits the nucleus.
3 The central part of an atom, it contains the protons and neutrons of the atom and has a positive charge.
5 The scientist who found the equations of how mass and energy warped spacetime before Einstein, but gave credit to him.
6 One of the four nitrogenous bases in DNA, has a single ring does not change in RNA.
7 The study of the universe as a whole.
8 One of the four nitrogenous bases in DNA, bonds with a purine and is replaced by Uracil in RNA.
10 Was the basis of the theory of relativity because it implied that only relative motion was important.
12 Explains the photoelectric effect and is the indivisible unit in which waves may be abosorbed or omitted.
15 The speed of _____ is independent of someone's motion and is the same in all directions.
16 Absolute zero is the coldest temperature possible and is 0 on the _____ scale.
19 A theory that unites all five string theories, as well as supergravity, within a single thoretical framework, but which is not yet fully understood.
21 The _____ science that the Nazis outlawed in Germany and is why the didn't have an atomic bomb.
23 A German thinker who was worried by the idea that the world had only been created a few thousand years ago.
24 The basic unit of ordinary matter that contains a nucleus which is positive and an electron cloud which is negative.
26 What you see when you look deep into space with a telescope.
27 The word that descrbes how the universe is moving today.
28 Energy is always _____ and so it gives spacetime a curvature that bends the paths of light rays toward each other.
29 E=mc^2 was made by this person.
30 The antiparticle of an electron.
32 How the world came into existence, Hawking and Penrose proved this.
35 Contains four nitrogenous bases that are on the inside and a phosphate and deoxyribose sugar which make up the backbone.
38 Space and this are inextricably bound and must always move together and can never be separated.
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