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The World OF Work Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The World of Work

                R     G                  
                T     R         I     N  
                F     A   B     N     E  
                O     M   U     C     T  
                L     M   D     O     I  
                I     A   G     M     N  
              C O V E R L E T T E R   C  
                  A       T           O  
                  R                   M  
                F I X E D E X P E N S E S
                  A                     K
              J O B I N T E R V I E W   I
                  L                     L
                D E D U C T I O N S     L
                  E                     S
              I M P R E S S I O N        
                  N             R        
            G R O S S I N C O M E        
                  E             S        
R E F E R E N C E S             U        
Across Down
6 A letter that accompanies a resume
8 rent, mortgage, utilities, food, car payment and insurance payment
10 The last step before getting or being denied a job
11 Amounts taken out of gross income, ex. Social Security tax, federal taxes..etc.
12 What you leave after you first meet someone
14 Total amount of mney you earn for hours worked
15 people you chose to add on a resume who can 'say a good word' about you
1 Highlights your knowledge, abilities and skills
2 Must use this when interviewing or peforming on the job
3 Money that you earn or that is available to you
4 Commonly referred to as 'take home pay'
5 Itemized list of living expenses
7 entertainment, clothing purchases and donations
9 knowledge you have regarding what you can do
13 A record of information about an individual
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