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Theater Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 The place where the audience sits to enjoy the performance on stage
3 A narrow, horizontal masking piece above the stage. 
4 A large drapery of painted canvas that provides the rear or upstage masking of a set
8 This is the area toward the back of the stage, away from the front edge
9 These are the stage movements and positions that the director works out with the actors in rehearsal for dramatic effect—and so they won’t bump into each. The stage manager makes a  careful note of blocking directions for later reference.
12 Vertical curtains or flats used to hide the wings from view and frame the audience’s view of  the stage.
13 Conversation in a play
14 Apart from being what actors do on stage
15 Although unionized actors and crew have been known to strike, in the theatre this term is generally used to describe the process of disassembling the set when a production closes
16 The team of theater workers who take care of the physical  aspects of a production at each performance.
18 The complement of actors in a play
2 The various flats, drops, etc. that are used to create a particular visual setting for a play.
5 They oppose what the main hero, or protagonist is trying to accomplish.
6 Objects on the stage such as furniture that are not part of the actual scenery
7 A prearranged sign that indicates to a performer, crew member or stage technician that it is time to proceed to the next line or action. A
10 A flat piece of painted scenery often consisting of a wooden frame covered with stretched fabric, usually canvas.
11 This a type of border used in combination with tormentors to frame the audience’s window onto the stage.
15 The scenery for a scene or entire production. In the latter case it is often known as a “unit set”  when designed to serve as several different settings with only minor changes between scenes or acts
17 The areas to either side of the stage that the audience does not normally see.
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