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Theatre Arts Crossword Puzzle

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Theatre Arts

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Across Down
9 The strength that something has to fulfill it's purpose.
12 The event that kicks off the rising action.
13 The events that follow the climax.
16 Makes the best decision when in tough situations.
17 Respect and not speaking when someone else is presenting or performing.
19 The hold at the top:we practice this process to center our minds,in accordance with centering our bodies.
21 What you perform is created as you go along while performing.
23 all types of emotions that make us feel a type of way.
1 Saves everything important that you want to remember.
2 Lines of text for one character.
3 the events that lead up to the climax.
4 Writen material to be performed(contains monologues,dialogues,and etc.)
5 The ending of a performance.
6 A sequence of continuous action in play,movie,opera,or book.
7 The importance ,worth,or useulness of something.
8 The information we learn at the brginning of the story.
10 Detailed analysis of intent,effectiveness,etc.
11 Actor's part in a play,movie,etc.
14 All our five senses used in our performances to describe a setting,place,or time.
15 When the beginning,middle,and end go up and down.
18 the most heightened piece of the story.
20 Lines of text written for two or more actors to say to each other.
22 The beginning,middle,and end of an act.
24 The purpose of story,novel,or almost any type of performance.
25 Helps react to all types of situations.
26 Person in a novel,play,or movie.
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