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Theatre Terms Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Theatre Terms

                        P   W                    
                H O U S E   I                    
  P                     R   N                    
  R           B L O C K I N G                    
  O   P                 A   S                    
  M   R                 K                        
  P R O M P T S C R I P T               R        
  T   P     E           O       P       U        
            C           I   C U R T A I N        
  D A R K T H E A T R E   P     A                
    D       N             A     C   B            
    L       I             C     T   A            
    I     A C T I N G A R E A   I   C R O S S    
    B       A                   C   K            
            L I G H T I N G B O A R D            
      O     R                   L   R   B        
      F A D E T O B L A C K         O   U        
      F     H                       P   S P I K E
      S     E                           I        
      T   P A P E R T H E H O U S E     N        
  F L A T   R                           E        
      G     S T A G E D I R E C T I O N S        
R A K E     A                 R         S        
        F O L L O W S P O T   O                  
          N         T         S                  
          S         R     U P S T A G E          
          T         I         F                  
          A         K     B L A C K O U T        
          G E L     E         D                  
      C U E                   E F F E C T        
Across Down
3 where does the audience sit?
5 movement and business performed by an actor on stage
7 a notebook containing all the necessary paper work and a script of the play, kept by a stage manager/deputy
11 five minutes to _______ up,
12 day or night with no performance, the theatre goes dark
16 area of stage, play is preformed here.
17 the move from one stage area to another
18 console that controls the lights, also called the dimmer board or the switch board
21 a decrease of lighting levels ending in a blackout
22 to mark on the stage floor the placement of set pieces
23 giving away free tickets to fill the house
24 a section of ____ scenery, made of wood or muslin on a wooden frame
25 instruction for the blocking and business of performers or other descriptions
27 the slope of an auditorium
28 fancy theatre name for a spot light
31 portion of the stage farthest from the house
32 fast extinguishing of all lighting, complete darkness
33 plastic sheet, placed in front of a lantern, colours the beam
34 a signal for an action, actor ____ are verbal, technician ____ are over an intercom or visually by a light
35 event or moment meant to create a particular reaction
1 a triangular shaped scenic device, eace side painted with a different scene, can be turned to quickly change the scene
2 offstage to either side, unseen to the acting area
4 to help an actor who forgot their lines
6 all objects and decorations used on stage
8 a run through of the plays technical components, lighting, sound
9 number of performances for a production
10 a working prop (ex. real light)
13 improvising lines that are not in the script
14 the tempo of the performance
15 painted cloth, behind the acting area, hides back stage
19 a position on the stage floor out of sight
20 gestures and expressions performed by an actor
26 one light fades down while another fades up
29 a position on the stage within the ating area
30 to remove things from the acting area after a scene
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