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Theatre Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Theatre Terms

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Across Down
3 When youíre just ALWAYS cast in a nerdy role. Or ALWAYS the villain. Or ALWAYS that cool sidekick who owns a hairless cat.
5 The front of a stage where performers are closest to the audience.
7 This word also refers to that theatre kid who constantly tries to outshine everyone.
9 Itís like substitute teaching but one step closer to winning a Tony.
13 A loving term of endearment for those who make the magic happen offstage (aka theatre technicians who work with lights, props, sets, etc.)
1 Thespian lingo for theatre that is out of the box, avant garde and experimental.
2 That epic musical number that occurs after audiences have applauded.
4 The arch or boarder that frames a stage.
6 A piece of cloth thatís used as a backdrop on-stage (often lit from behind to create the scene).
8 When the run of a show is done and everyone involved congregates to destroy the set.
10 A stagehand who aids in keeping costumes neat and tidy, as well as helping performers during costume changes.
11 When a character expresses internal thoughts or emotions verbally for the benefit of the audience. Basically, when a character talks to themselves.
12 The back of the stage farthest from the audience.
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