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Their Eyes Were Watching God Crossword Puzzle

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

by Zora Neale Hurston

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Across Down
2 Phoeby's husband.’
4 what are the everglades reffered to
6 How does tea cake get the money back he steals from Janie’
8 with whom does Janie receive the most physical and verbal abuse
10 where does Janie return to at the end of the novel
12 what leads up to the dog biting Tea Cake
13 she experienced being a slave which impacted her views on the world
14 in Eatonville where is the center of the towns gossip
15 Janie is put on trial for Tea Cakes death she is pronounced what?
16 Joe Starks bought this to make Janie happy
17 a woman who believed that blacks should act more like white's
20 who Janie is telling her story too
1 in self defense what does Janie do to Tea Cake
3 he stays in a abandoned house during the hurricane
5 what animal bites Tea Cake during the Hurricane
7 Janies first husband, who she leaves for Starks
9 in which relationship does Janie become jealous of another woman
11 what tea cake asks Janie to play the first time they meet
18 what is tea cake diagnosed with after the hurricane
19 the girl who Janie become jealous of
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