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Theology OF The Body Definitions Crossword Puzzle

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Theology of the Body Definitions

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Across Down
5 using someone else for your own gain
6 bodily union also joins their persons
7 people deserve love, and we should never treat anyone with less than love
8 the study of God as revealed through our bodies
9 acts as a chemical messenger
10 giving fully of oneself
11 directs our sexual desires to the truth of love
12 Estrogen and Progesterone
14 a small gland at the base of the brain
18 the tendency to desire to do what is wrong
23 her waking, resting temperature
25 study of God
26 being generous, sacrifice for the other
1 chemical messengers that are produced in one part of the body and transported by the bloodstream to another part of the body
2 constantly fertile following puberty and remain so for the rest of their lives
3 onset of menstruation
4 through our bodies, we make visible the love of God
13 fertilization occurs when one sperm penetrates one egg-providing a complete set of genetic material
15 fertile for a short and specific time each month and cease being fertile once she has completed menopause
16 selfish sexual desire, apart from the love of God
17 the releasing of a mature egg
19 inside are the follicles that contain thousands of ova
20 means 'yellow body' in Latin
21 the opening of the cervix
22 when the female menstrual cycles end
24 true love must involve giving, sacrificing and putting others 1st
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