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Thermal Energy Crossword Puzzle

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Thermal Energy

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Across Down
3 A 100% efficient engine would produce no increase in ____ .
5 The lower the Specific Heat the ________ the object heats.
6 A decrease in temperature is a result of a decrease in the average ____ energy of the atoms or molecules.
7 100 C is ___________ point.
9 The energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 kg of a substance 1 K is called its ____ .
11 A measure of the average kinetic energy of a substance.
12 If two objects touch each other and the temperatures of both objects remain the same, they are in
14 Occurs in fluids that are warmer at the bottom.
15 Heat is a transfer of thermal enrgy that occurs __________________ from a warmer oject to a cooler object.
16 The freezing point of water on the ____ scale is 273 degrees.
17 Reverse process of heat engine.
19 ____________ is used to regulate body temperature and is and example of vaporization.
21 Measures specific heat
22 4180 is it's specific heat
24 Energy travels best through a solid by ____ .
26 Another name for a cold resevoir
27 _________ Celsius is a Swedish physicist.
1 Converts TE to ME.
2 In an engine, the difference between the thermal energy put in and the thermal energy discharged will appear as ____ .
4 On the ____ scale, the boiling point of water is 100 degrees.
8 he energy released when 1 kg of steam condenses is the ____ of water.
10 Thermal energy that travels spontaneously from a warm object to a cold object is called
13 Heat engines convert thermal energy into ____ energy
18 Energy travels through a vacuum by ____ .
20 ________ atoms move faster.
23 A substance melts when the ____ energy of its atoms or molecules is increased.
25 As particles collide, they _________ energy.
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